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Food and wine in Greve in Chianti

porchetta sandwich

Food and wine in Greve in ChiantiTuscan specialities, food outlets and restaurants in Greve in Chianti Greve in Chianti is the market town of the Chianti Classico wine zone and so, not surprisingly, a great place to buy both wine and typical Chianti food products. Indeed, if you stay at an agriturismo, a working farm [...]

The Pleasures of Tuscan Food and Wine

Tuscan food and wine

Food and wine in TuscanyThe Pleasures of Tuscan Food and Wine One of the many pleasures of a visit to this part of the world is the chance to enjoy Tuscan food and wine in its "native environment". As everyone knows, a Tuscan meal is divided into several classical and invariant stages - antipasti, pasta, [...]

The pleasures of outdoor dining in Chianti

Dining outdoors in Chianti

The pleasures of outdoor dining in ChiantiPossibilities for eating al fresco with friends and family during your visit to Chianti The combination of love of family life, a pleasant climate and a passion for food makes dining in the open air extremely popular in Chianti, as throughout Tuscany. The chance to experience the pleasures of [...]

Porcini mushrooms in Chianti

porcini mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms in ChiantiCollecting, cooking and eating porcini mushrooms in Chianti, Tuscany What are porcini? Funghi porcini, commonly referred to simply as "porcini" ("piglets", probably based on their appearance; singular "porcino") are large, edible mushrooms of the species Boletus edulis. English speakers often refer to them as "porcini mushrooms". Common names for Boletus edulis vary [...]

Catered meals at your accommodations

Panna Cotta for your dinner in Chianti

Catered meals at your Chianti vacation accommodationsChianti personal chef catering at your accommodation in Tuscany I'm Elisa Berghi and this is my cooking service where I and, when necessary, my assistant come to your accommodation and prepare a full lunch or evening meal from the ground up using fresh local produce and home-made ingredients. Whenever [...]

Bistecca alla Fiorentina – Florentine grilled steak

Bistecca all Fiorentina

Bistecca alla FiorentinaFlorentine grilled steak - how to prepare it, how to eat it Not all tourists realise that grilled steak is very popular in Tuscany and, under names such as carne alla brace or carne alla griglia, no doubt has been, in one form or another, since time immemorial. One of the most traditional [...]