Impruneta and terracotta manufacture in Tuscany

Impruneta is located just outside the Chianti Classico wine zone and in fact is much more famous for terracotta manufacture than for wine, despite holding on of the most entertaining grape festivals in Tuscany on the last Sunday of September.

Impruneta and terracotta manufacture

Two gigantic terracotta vessels manufactured in Impruneta

Impruneta is within easy reach of Florence by car, by bus and even by bicycle, and is famous for its terracotta production and an increasingly diverse output of high quality painted ceramics. However, Impruneta is also home to the famous Basilica of Santa Maria at Impruneta, an interesting Museum of Religious Art and two important folk-festivals during the year – the Grape Festival, characterised by spectacular floats, and the Fair of Saint Luke. There are many beautiful agriturismi near Impruneta, allowing visitors to stay in comfort in the country while having easy access to the attractions of Florence. Although not in fact within the limits of the Chianti Classico wine zone, there are many wineries with a few km making a do-it-yourself wine tour easy to organise.

Worth a visit. More about Impruneta and terracotta manufacture in Tuscany.

Elena Spolaor


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