Annual events in Tuscany

Events in Tuscany

Annual Events in Tuscany

Events, festivals, fairs, exhibitions and historical re-enactments in Tuscany

Tuscany is famous for the number and quality of its festivals and events. Why are they so many and so good? Several reasons. One is that annual folk festivals such as grape and wine festivals as well as religious holidays have lasted longer or been revived more often in Italy than in most other European countries. Another reason is that we’re all a bit like kids here and like dressing up. The ready availability of film prop warehouses helps in that respect (although please note that a lot of our festival costumes are hand-made). Of course, there’s also “market pull” – the huge number of visitors that we have in Tuscany encourages tourist towns to support historical re-enactments and similar feste, and, in addition, the museums are becoming more and more dependent on raising their own support funds, hence the proliferation of excellent “museum evenings” and similar events.

Events in Tuscany
Poster advertising the Mercantia street festival in Certaldo

In any case, be sure to do your homework before your visit to Tuscany and to look at wall posters when you’re here so that you know what festivals, jousts, open air dinners, museum open days and other events are taking place near where you’re staying.

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