How to choose vacation accommodations in Chianti

How to choose vacation accommodations

How to choose vacation accommodations in Chianti

Where shall I stay during my visit to Tuscany?

Where shall I stay during my visit to Tuscany? That’s one of the important questions every visitor has to consider, preferably well in advance of the trip. The question actually has three aspects:

  • where shall I base myself in Tuscany,
  • what kind of vacation accommodations do I want, and then
  • which particular establishment?
Travel Guide for Visitors to the Chianti Classico Wine Region of Tuscany, Italy
A classic Tuscan casa colonica

Where shall I base myself in Tuscany? Even for a stay of two weeks, I recommend choosing a single base and sticking to it, for the reasons given here. In that same post, I recommended either Chianti or the Val d’Orcia as great places to stay. Here, I’ll confine myself to Chianti which has the great virtue of being situated between two cities that you’re likely to want to want to visit several times, namely Florence and Sienna.

What kind of vacation accommodation? The choice is more or less: hotel, economical or luxury; villa or farmhouse; vacation apartment; room, Bed and Breakfast or not. Many experienced travellers who have not visited Tuscany previously tend to think immediately of a city hotel without realising that Tuscany is famous for its rural hotels and above all for its country vacation rentals in the form of villas, farmhouses and various kinds of agriturismi. All of these options are well-represented in our recommended Tuscan accommodations.

Which particular establishment? That will depend on many criteria – how many of you are there, will you have a car, do you need a swimming pool etc. The best thing to do is scan down my list of recommended, owner-direct holiday accommodations and make some choices.

Accommodation in Chianti
For a stay in Chianti during summer – maybe a terrace?

By the way, please make email contact with your accommodation choices one at a time. Don’t send out ten emails with the idea of choosing one at the end. Busy people have to respond to all of these emails, very likely in a language other than their own. It’s a lot of work if they will have only a 10% chance of a reservation.

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